• Illusionist


    Come Hold Hands and Sing to the Salamander  

    The Salamander is born in the fire;
    It dwells in a great mountain
    Which is encompassed by many flames,
    Herein the Salamander bathes.
    The third is greater, the fourth is brighter,
    But it is the fifth where our brothers
    make contact with the beyond
    In all these the Salamander washes, and is purified.
    For it dies, and yields up its life with its blood.
    For from its blood it wins immortal life,
    And then death has no more power over it.
    Echoing in the depths of time
    Those echoes become one,
    with the sound of the Illusionist

    WTF is It?
    Super heavy fuzz with Germanium and Silicon diode clipping, versatile blend tone knob and an “Octavio type” effect mixed in that works great on any fret.  Works particularly well with single coil pickups. The illusionist features a Blend knob to go from classic Fuzz tones to "Scooped Mid" EQ for heavier bass, defined treble and more metallic tones.  Blend anywhere in between these two tones.  Inspired by the Acetone FM-2 BUT with a blend tone knob, 5 matched silicon transistors, Germanium and Silicon diode clipping for both vintage compressed and more modern fuzz tones, and an “Octavio type” vintage octave effect.

    User Controls:

    “Master Volume” Knob:
    • The “Money” knob symbolized by the Deniro symbol.
    • Below 50% = Dark Energy and above 50% = Light Energy. Go into the light.

    Blend Tone Knob:
    • Set all the way to to the LEFT for a “Vintage Fuzz Tone” that is a bit more trebly.
    • Set all the way to the RIGHT for a “Scooped Mid” tone that gives a heavier bass, defined treble and is a bit more metallic. 
    • Use the blend knob to mix between these two EQ curves.
    • Symbolized by the Alchemical Tin symbol, mix to taste. This knob is also associated with Jupiter so beware of excess, and overindulgence.

    “S” Switch Setting = Silicon Diode.
    • Tighter and more aggressive Fuzz sound.
    • Best if only used on the Sabbath.

    "G” Switch Setting = Germanium Diode.
    • Vintage and a bit more compressed Fuzz.
    • Often called the God particle setting.

    • 3 5/8 W x 4 5/8 H x 2” D - Including Knobs (not including optional rubber feet)

    • For best tone Massive recommends using 9V Eveready Super Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc batteries.  Fuzz aficionado’s claim slightly drained 9V batteries in the 8 to 8.5v range have the sweetest tone (spare 9V Eveready batteries are sold on the products page) OR use any proper REGULATED 9V DC center negative power supply such as the *Boss PSA type power supply as well as an isolated output from a “power brick” power supply such as the *Voodoo labs Pedal Power 2. 
    • 9V DC jack.  Center negative Boss PSA style adapter.

    Recommended Accessories:
    • Extra 9-volt carbon zinc batteries, solid body electric guitar, tube guitar amp, rolling papers, and a fat bag of California’s finest.



     Distortion LTD - Jamie's Garage

     Telecaster and Ampeg VT-22


     Telecaster and Marshall Silver Jubilee


     Stratocaster and Marshall Plexi


     Stratocaster and Marshall Plexi

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