• Hypnotik Fuzz


    The Wild Hynotik Beast Be Free

    The Sage says that a wild beast is in the forest,
    Whose skin is of blackest dye.
    If any man cut off his head, His blackness will disappear,
    And give place to a snowy white.
    Understand well the meaning of this head:
    The blackness is called the head of the Raven;
    As soon as it disappears,
    A white colour is straightway manifested;
    It is given this name, despoiled of its head.
    When the Beast's black hue has vanished in a black smoke,
    The Sages rejoice for the Hypnotik beast it brings forth
    From the bottom of their hearts;
    But they keep it a close secret,
    That no foolish man may know it.
    Yet unto their Sons, in kindness of heart,
    They partly reveal it on waves of Fuzz
    And therefore let those who receive the gift
    Enjoy it also in full blossom,
    Since God would have it concealed.
    For the Hypnotik Fuzz is born.

    WTF is It?
    Super heavy fuzz with fuzz level control and 2 position tone switch for “Classic Fuzz” and “Scooped Mids” settings.  Killer Vintage Octave blended into your fuzz tone.  Works particularly well with Humbucker pickups, shag carpeted 76’ custom vans and a fat bag of California cannabis.  This is fuzz is so fat sounding you will not need a bass player or drummer so rumble forth on wave after wave of Fuzz Greatness.

    User Controls:

    “Master Volume” Knob:
    • The “Money” knob symbolized by the Deniro symbol.
    • Below 50% = Dark Energy and above 50% = Light Energy. Go into the light.

    “Fuzz Amount” Knob
    • Adjusts the amount of Fuzz.
    • Symbolized by the Alchemical Lead symbol, as things can get heavy with this knob.
    • This knob is also associated with Saturn, which should remind you to use self-control.

    Alchemical Tin EQ Switch
    Switch in the Up Position for Classic Fuzz
    • “Vintage Classic Fuzz Tone" = thinner “trebly” tone.
    • This knob is also associated with Jupiter so beware of excess, and overindulgence.

    Alchemical Lead EQ Switch
    Switch in the Down Position for "Mid Scoop" EQ
    • “Mid Scoop" EQ which cuts out some 1Khz for a more pronounced bass and treble fuzz tone and a bit more metallic. Mid Scoop gives an increased low end for a heavier tone and a more defined top end treble.
    • This knob is also associated with Mars the God of War, best used for energy, action and desire, also animal nature of man, so rock this fuzz harder than normal.

    • 3 5/8 W x 4 5/8 H x 2” D - Including Knobs (not including optional rubber feet)

    • For best tone Massive recommends using 9V Eveready Super Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc batteries.  Fuzz aficionado’s claim slightly drained 9V batteries in the 8 to 8.5v range have the sweetest tone (spare 9V Eveready batteries are sold on the products page) OR use any proper REGULATED 9V DC center negative power supply such as the *Boss PSA type power supply as well as an isolated output from a “power brick” power supply such as the *Voodoo labs Pedal Power 2. 
    • 9V DC jack.  Center negative Boss PSA style adapter.

    Recommended Accessories:
    • Extra 9-volt carbon zinc batteries, solid body electric guitar, tube guitar amp, rolling papers, and a fat bag of California’s finest.


    Hypnotik Fuzz

     Telecaster and Marshall Silver Jubilee

    Hypnotik Fuzz

     Les Paul and Marshall Silver Jubilee

    Hypnotik Fuzz

     Les Paul and Marshall Silver Jubilee

    Hypnotik Fuzz

     Les Paul and Soldano Hot Rod 50

    Hypnotik Fuzz

     Les Paul and Traynor YBA 2A amp

    Hypnotik Fuzz

     Les Paul and Ampeg VT-22

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