Purchases outside of the US and Canada:

If you are outside of US and Canada please contact us to purchase a pedal.  We will charge the actual shipping cost and you are 100% responsible for any taxes or duties due in your country.

  • Contact Sales:  sales@massivefxpedals.com

Can you tell us anything special about your pedals?

We use all of our products and make sure they rock like a bolder.
  1. Hand made with lots of love in Los Angeles, CA
  2. Some models feature vintage components such as OC44 and AC125
  3. We hand selected and most important listen to the sonic difference of all components in regards to tone not nostalgia. We are nostalgic where needed if it makes the pedal sound better. Some things are better in the past and some things are better in the here and now.
  4. High end enclosed Lumberg Jacks on all audio input and outputs
  5. Dust caps on all potentiometers
  6. Powder coated box

Why are there weird symbols on my pedals and no labels for the knobs?

The most import thing to us is that you make music, not learn what a threshold knob on your compressor does theoretically. Also often times as in nature each knob can effect other knobs, so move them around and listen to what is happening to your sound. Be one with your pedal.

What is your return policy?

If for some reason you are unhappy with your pedal, gives us a call we will see if we can work something out.

What is your warranty?

One year to original owner. Warranty only covers if your pedal is not working due to a component failure or internal circuit issue. We do not warranty anything physical on the box. Call us first to work it out and trouble shoot before you send your pedal back in. You will be given an RMA number which you should put on box and paperwork when returning pedal.
Call Support at 818-588-4410 or email support@massivefxpedals.com

Are you guys hiring?

Yes we are always looking for new people. Especially highly intelligent high school drop outs who smoke dope, drop acid, drive muscle cars and are highly gifted with electronics.

Is there life outside of life here on Earth?


Should I work to improve myself in a positive way for the rest of my life?

Yes and that path starts here right now. Turn up your guitar, click your pedal to the on position and move forward through time and space.