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    Alchemist – Turns Tin Into Golden Fuzz Tone Every Time

    Having now appeared a third time, flourished beautifully, and brought forth fragrant and Golden Seed. It took many long years to discover how the blood of the Red Tiger Lion and the glue of the White Eagle were to be extracted, and how these were to be mixed in their natural proportions, enclosed, sealed, and committed to the secret fire producing abundant molten Germanium ore. We have, indeed, studied the writings, parables, and various figures of the tone philosophers with singular industry, and labored hard to solve their manifold wonderful enigmas, most of which are simply the vain products of their imaginations. It was long before experience taught us that all their obscure verbiage and high pretensions are mere folly and empty phantasms, shewn and imparted to all the Sons of  G.O.A.F. 
    Rising from the buzz and ash of night from the early mist decades of old fuzz lore. The Alchemist hath cometh!

    WTF is It?
    The Alchemist is a hand built Heavy Fuzz Monster.  Dynamic Heavy Fuzz with Massive “buzzy/trebly” tones imparted by Triple NOS AC125 Germanium transistors.  Our take on the legendary and rare Buzzaround insane-o-matic fuzz sound.  Hand selected components and extensive listening to each component yields one of the most usable tone monster fuzzes to grace your pedal board. 

    If you are looking for the typical fuzz, the door is closing, go elsewhere.   If you are looking for a unique fuzz few have experienced in their arsenal of tone madness, come in to the cave and plug in and fly your freak flag high and proud.

    User Controls:

    “Master Volume” Knob:
    • The “Money” knob symbolized by the Deniro symbol.
    • Below 50% = Dark Energy and above 50% = Light Energy. Go into the light.

    Tone Shape or “Balance” – Primarily “Mids” Control:
    • In General - Above 12 o’clock position increases level to “Mids.”
    • In General - Below 12 o’clock position reduces level to “Mids” and thins tone.
    • This is adjusting the Fuzz Bias with a direct effect on the mid EQ range. 
    • This directly works with the Fuzz/Sustain Amount control and affects the mid range of the fuzz.
    • Symbolized by the Moon, you must feel where this knob needs to be set. The phase of the moon directly affects this depending on day and hour.

    Fuzz/Sustain Amount
    • Controls the amount of Fuzz.
    • Note if you turn this all the way to the left you will not hear your guitar.  This is also know as “the sound of one hand clapping” effect.
    • Symbolized by the Alchemical Lead symbol, as things can get heavy with this knob.
    • This knob is also associated with Saturn, which should remind us to use self-control.

    Timbre/Tone/Attack Knob – Primarily “Treble” Control
    • Timbre/Tone/Attack - Interacts with the Fuzz Bias (Moon knob) and can have a dramatic effect on your Fuzz Treble as well as a slight effect on your pick attack.
    • In general - Above 12 o’clock adds treble.
    • This can be subtle but increasing changes your tone based on the house Jupiter resides in, in your birth chart.
    • Symbolized by the Alchemical Tin symbol, mix to taste. This knob is associated with Jupiter so beware of excess, and overindulgence.

    • 3 5/8 W x 4 5/8 H x 2” D - Including Knobs (not including optional rubber feet)
    • Battery Power: 
      • For best tone Massive recommends using 9V Eveready Super Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc batteries.  Fuzz aficionado’s claim slightly drained 9V batteries in the 8 to 8.5v range have the sweetest tone. You can purchase spare Eveready 9V batteries on our Products Page as well.
    • Battery Power:
      • For best tone Massive FX Pedals recommends using 9V Eveready Super Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc batteries.  Fuzz aficionado’s claim slightly drained 9V batteries in the 8 to 8.5v range have the sweetest tone 
      • Spare Eveready 9V Carbon Zinc batteries are available on our products page.

      • DC Power Connection and the Alchemist:
        • For convenience we have provided a DC power connection. You can use most REGULATED 9V center negative power supplies such as the Boss PSA style adapters as well as an isolated 9V output from a “power brick” power supply such as the *Voodoo labs Pedal Power 2, BUT see WARNING below.
        • WARNING:  The Alchemist is a vintage circuit utilizing many vintage parts such as transistors, it has a positive ground, so do not daisy chain the Alchemist with other pedals if using the DC power jack
        • BOTTOM LINE:  DO NOT DAISY-CHAIN the Alchemist with other pedals. 

      Recommended Accessories:
      • Extra 9-volt carbon zinc batteries, solid body electric guitar, tube guitar amp, rolling papers, and a fat bag of California’s finest.


      Alchemist and Russian Alchemist

      Les Paul and Ampeg VT-22

      Also features DallasDevilsPlay

      Alchemist and Russian Alchemist

       Les Paul and Marshall Plexi Amp

      Also features DallasDevilsPlay

      Alchemist and Russian Alchemist

       Telecaster and Vox AC-30 Amp

      Alchemist and Russian Alchemist

       Telecaster and Ampeg VT-22 Amp

      Also features DallasDevilsPlay

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