Gear List


Studio Gear List

Mic Preamps:

Neve 1073 (10 Channels)

Grace 801 (8 Channels)

Apogee Trak2 (4 Channels)


Distressor (2 Channels)

Purple 1176

DBX 160 VU

DAW - Tracking:

Pro Tools HD 10 (4 card - 1 Core/3 Accel)

Avid/Digidesign 192 Digital (3)

Apogee AD16

Apogee DA16

AMT 8 (MIDI interface)


Extensive Plugins:

(Eventide Anthology X, Soundtoys, Sonnox, Native Instruments, Waves, etc.)

DAW - Mixing

Pro Tools 12

Universal Audio DSP/Plugins


Roland Space Echo RE101

Roland Space Echo RE301

Echoplex EP4

TC Electronic Fireworx

Lexicon PCM60

Lexicon PCM41

Yamaha SPX900

TC Electronic Finalizer 96K


Grace m904 (monitor section)

Yamaha NS10

Tannoy System 1200

WestLake BBSM-12

Power - Crown K1


Telefunken Elam 251 (matched pair with vintage CK12 capsules)

Neuman KM83 (matched pair)

Sennheiser MD409 (3 - vintage gold backs)

Beyerdynamic M-201 (2)

Beyerdynamic M-160 (ribbon)

Royer R-10 (ribbon)

Shure SM7

Sure SM57 (6)

AT 4047

Shure Beta 52

NS10 driver (kick mic)

Direct Boxes:

Radial JDV (Class A)

Radial Active DI

Radial Passive DI

Radial Reamp

Klark Teknik (4 - black Active)

Demeter Tube Direct (2 channel)

ReAmp (black)

Radial SGI (2 sets TX/RX)

Guitar Amps:

Marshall Plexi 1987X (50 watt)

Marshall Plexi (100 watt purple Hendrix)

Marshall 4x12 (Vintage 30)

Marshall 4x12 (Greenbacks)

Marshall Silver Jubilee (50 watt combo)

Vox AC30

Soldano Hot Rod 50

Fender Bassman

Fender Vibroverb

Extensive Guitar Pedal collection (call ahead)




Kits: Ludwig 24/14/16/18 - Brant Bjork kit)

DW (24/12/14/16/18)


Snare Drums: Ludwig Symphonic

Ludwig Black Beuty

Grover (wood)

Power:  Regulated and Balanced

Monster AVS2000 PRO Regulator power

Monster PRO7000 Balanced

NOTE:  based on session location equipment can change.  Please call ahead for any specifics.